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Solid State Logic lifts the veil - You need to take a look!

SSL has recently published a white paper on why their products sound so good. Well of course any marketing department would say that, but this paper contains real hard technical details.


It's a wise person who knows the difference between lifting the veil and opening the kimono. SSL have done a little of both here and explain in understandable technical terms why their products sound good. Of course, any manufacturer could do the same and probably say similar things. But this white paper from SSL is refreshing because it minimizes marketing-speak and maximizes solid technical knowledge - and in a way that non-technical people can understand. There are some marketing pull quotes, but the body text is where the value of this document lies.

At three pages it is hardly an encyclopedia and doesn't pretend to be, but the points it makes are important and are highly useful prompts for further reading.

You can download the white paper directly from SSL here, and at Audio Masterclass we highly recommend taking a look.

By David Mellor Friday July 6, 2018
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