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When working in a new theatre, always find out where the tielines go

Top producer 'steals' song as part of massive publicity stunt

Avid's new upgrades - great for mere 'content production'

This composer was so obsessed with his image, he posed for his own deathbed photo while still alive

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Responding to a client's requests for changes - a vital skill in audio

The Beatles original audition tape - is it a fake?

Pandora Internet radio - artists get less than previously claimed

So Mr. Bond... Who really did write your theme music?

Build a working turntable from CARDBOARD, courtesy of Kid Koala

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How to earn royalties from your live gigs

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How to collect royalties from your music

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Can a technical error cost you your record deal?

Amy Winehouse - a loss for music

Latest in Music Business...

This one simple mistake will lose you a third of your songwriting royalties - with video

Success is hard to come by, but when it does come you probably don't want to have a third of your money taken away from you

Published Wednesday March 8, 2017

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