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Do some microphones respond to EQ better than others?

7 important microphone types that you should know and the benefits of each

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The importance of monitoring in the recording studio

A brief introduction to acoustic treatment

A brief introduction to soundproofing

A brief introduction to microphone preamplifiers for the home recording studio

A brief introduction to microphones for the home recording studio

Does inverting the phase of one channel of a stereo signal always sound bad?

This ultimate vintage collector's item gives you bragging rights that almost no-one else has

What is the easiest way to convert watts to decibels?

M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 monitors - Could they be Auratones for the digital age?

Latest in Equipment & Studio...

An investigation of the pre-delay parameter of the Lexicon 480L reverb plug-in

Adding a delay before the reverb kicks in can create an interesting sound texture and make heavily-reverbed vocals more intelligible

Published Monday March 19, 2018

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