Audio Masterclass tuition methods


Audio Masterclass works by online and offline distance learning. We have students in more than 100 countries all around the world. All you need to come on an Audio Masterclass course is a basic home studio setup and an Internet connection, and of course a strong desire to produce recordings of fully professional quality in your own home studio.

With Audio Masterclass, you can learn basic studio techniques, mixing, creative recording, or go in-depth into one of our specialist topics.


Practical projects

All of our courses center on practical projects. With assessed courses, you can submit your practical work online for our assessment. We'll give you detailed advice on what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and how to improve. Assessments are always friendly and we will tell you exactly what to do to move forward to a professional standard of work.

Tutorials and videos

Course instruction is by tutorials and/or videos according to the nature of the course. We show you the important techniques of audio that professionals use every day, and you can use yourself in your own home studio. In our online courses, all course materials are available online, and for download so that you can keep them permanently. In our DVD-ROM courses, all of the course materials are supplied on DVD-ROM disc(s).

Audio examples

Our tutorials and videos are supported by a wealth of audio examples, which in online courses are also downloadable. We recommend that you load these examples into your digital audio workstation so that you can listen to them in exactly the same way as when you're recording yourself.

Many of the audio examples will show you what you should aim to achieve, whether the topic is EQ, compression, mixing, mastering etc. Others will show you how things can go wrong - and we'll show you clearly the difference between good audio and bad, and explain the reasons why.

Practical projects

The best way to learn audio is to *do* audio - recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering. And don't forget the importance of close, attentive listening. The more you do it, the better you'll get.

So all Audio Masterclass courses feature a range of practical projects dedicated to the topic of the course. The practical projects will set you a task to complete, show you how to do it and point out what could go wrong. And when you have completed your project, you can compare your work with our examples - many of which are created by Audio Masterclass students.


If you choose an assessed course, then we will listen to all of your practical project work. We will listen carefully, then send you a detailed report with grading of all of the factors that we look for in a successful project. We will also describe for you any faults that we hear, and advise you on how to correct them. You can resubmit assignments at any time so that you can move steadily closer to perfection.

Student advice team

All Audio Masterclass students have access to our Student Advice Team for the full duration of their enrollment. You can ask questions on any of the course topics and receive a personal response.


Because Audio Masterclass works by online and offline distance learning, you can learn entirely at your own pace. There is no set schedule and you can move quickly or slowly through the course as you wish and take breaks at any time.


Your Audio Masterclass enrollment will be valid for two years. All of your course materials are downloadable for you to keep permanently. (DVD-ROM courses are supplied on DVD-ROM disc(s).


Although no certificate can guarantee you a job in the audio or music industry, you will want something to commemorate your success on your Audio Masterclass course. On assessed courses, when you complete all of the practical work successfully, we will prepare your certificate and mail it to you anywhere in the world. There is no extra charge for this.

Our experience in audio education

Audio Masterclass has experience in audio education going back to 1986. We have been running online courses since 2001 which is longer than any other audio training provider on the web.


At Audio Masterclass we want to give you the fastest, most effective route towards a professional standard of work in your own home studio - a standard that is fully equal to professional studios and commercial releases.

We do this through effective, comprehensive instruction through tutorials and/or videos, audio examples, and practical projects that relate closely to real-world professional practice.

If you want to make fast progress, then Audio Masterclass is here to help.