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Here we have a selection of the questions most commonly asked about Audio Masterclass and our Music Production and Sound Engineering Course. If you have a questions that is not answered here, please go to our contact page...


"What equipment and software do I need?"

You should have a recent computer with multitrack digital audio workstation software, such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic etc. You should have at least one microphone equivalent to or better than the Shure SM57, an audio interface, and loudspeaker or headphone monitoring.

"I'm just starting out in audio. Can I still do this?"

Yes you can. Audio Masterclass is extremely flexible and we can help you make rapid progress whatever your current level of ability. If you can make basic recordings, use plug-ins and mix, then you're OK. If you are already an assistant engineer in a pro studio, then you're OK too.

"Will I get a certificate when I finish the course?"

Yes you will, when you complete the course successfully. We will also help you craft your industry-standard showreel, which will be of even more help in getting you started in your professional career. (Applies to assessed courses only.)

"Will you listen to my work and give me individual comments and advice, right?"

In assessed courses, then yes. We will give you masses of learning materials including audio and video. But it's the practical assignments we will set you that will help you most of all.

"Do I need to be a musician myself to join Audio Masterclass?"

No, you don't need any kind of musical skill. We will help you whether or not you are a musician. It would be great however if you could find musicians to work with and practise your skills on, whether or not you play yourself.

"What happens if I don't like the Audio Masterclass course? Can I get my money back?"

Of course you can! Every enrollment comes with a full-refund guarantee. We always honor this guarantee on the rare occasions it is requested. Our payment processors would refuse to work with us if we didn't.


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